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The Coffee Shop Concept

Coffee culture is taking the UK and Ireland by storm.   Moody lighting, soft furnishings, contemporary ‘coffee-art’ and of course great coffee, high street coffee shops are the place to meet, socialise and relax.  Pour Moi brings this phenomenon to the vending machine.

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The Experience

The coffee shop in a vending machine…

  • Large paper cups
  • 100% skimmed milk
  • Fair & ethical coffee, chocolate and tea
  • Frothy latte
  • Coffee shop menu

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Great coffee shops combine stylish design, highly skilled baristas and of course great coffee to deliver a unique lifestyle experience, people have come to love. Today, we cannot get enough of espresso, lattes and cappuccinos served with style.

Why cannot people enjoy coffee shop standard drinks throughout the day, during their everyday lives – with the convenience of vending? Now they can with Pour Moi…

The Pour Moi experience

With Pour Moi we want to bring the coffee shop experience to vending – frothy cappuccinos, lattes and intense shots of espresso in large paper cups served from a coffee-shop styled vending machine.  With a contemporary and warm branding design, a chalkboard coffee shop menu and all drinks made with 100% skimmed milk, Pour Moi brings coffee shop culture to vending – finally a vended coffee, which tastes like it was from a high street coffee shop!

No silly little plastic cups here!

When you think vending, you often think silly little brown plastic cups, with wet, warm and weak coffee or stewed tea!, not to mention the artificial creamy taste! 

Not with Pour Moi – we have banned those funny little cups and replaced them with large paper, coffee-shop style paper cups, with sip lids.

‘It tastes as good as the coffee shop’

With specially prepared recipes and top secret machine settings, Pour Moi delivers a consistently great drink – wherever you are, from whatever machine. 

All our systems go out with pre-set software, which deliver the ultimate in vended coffee. 

With all drinks being made with Skimmed Milk, there is no artificial creamy taste from traditional whiteners – and the specially developed machine whips the milk into a rich tight foam, delivering the perfect cappuccino every time.

With Pour Moi, you can get the perfect latte at any time of the day!