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Don't take our word for it

Pour Moi offers you the chance to provide the best quality vended drink on the market and that’s got to be good for business, staff and visitors.

Our Fab Drinks

Our drinks are truly scrummy – coffee shop inspired, made with the best ethically sourced ingredients and only skinny milk.

The Experience

  • Large paper cups
  • 100% skimmed milk
  • Fair & ethical coffee, chocolate and tea
  • Frothy latte
  • Coffee shop menu

Find a Distributor

Ideal for public locations!

Pour Moi is great for hospitals, colleges and universities – just like Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. Also, our 9oz smaller cup offer is perfect for workplace locations, such as offices and factories.


Your staff and visitors can experience the coffee-shop experience like the patients, staff and visitors to Derriford hospital in Plymouth…


Machine sited: Accident & Emergency
Cup price before: 50p
Pour Moi price: £1
Volume increase: 33% increase to 400 drinks per week


With many options available including free machines, Pour Moi makes perfect commercial sense!